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Juniper Shoulder Bag

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Individually hand-made Juniper Shoulder Bag. Each bag has been hand tufted, with the design featured as a wrap around and also on the round base. Perfect for both casual outings, picnics or the beach to hold all your necessities. Your bag has a tassel tie and heavy duty woven shoulder strap.

This product is traditionally hand crafted by village artisans in Colombia, supporting fair trade to these communities directly for this long practised technique. Your purchase supports this art form, providing an ongoing well being for their families and villages.

Note: This is a one-of bag, meaning there is just the one item available making this totally one-of-a-kind!

Size: 30(h) x 22(d)cm Strap length 105cm (Approx) 
Material: Acrylic, Cotton.

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