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Mini Gold Hearts - Update

Hey everyone!

If you have ordered the Mini Gold Hearts, this update will apply to you if you are awaiting delivery.
Please take a brief moment to read through below to keep you informed.

Thank you firstly for your continued patience with the Mini Gold Hearts you may be awaiting delivery on, it seems like so much has been happening with both our country and now the world lately.

I wanted to respond with this group update after receiving some messages from customers asking when they will be receiving their orders placed for the hearts.

I'd emailed you all in the early part of February just to mention that I'd had a pre-arranged & booked trip back from later part of 2019, and it came time for me to travel around mid-February. I'm so appreciative that most of you were understanding and able to accommodate me with that trip I so needed. Obviously I'd not intended that this production effort would have clashed with my travel plans at the time, to only then return back midst the COVID-19 outbreak and the unfolding events that were to come! Because I'd been travelling in the USA, I was to self-quarantine for 2 weeks to ensure I'd not been affected - thankfully, I'm healthy, well and totally fine, but I certainly didn't want that burden knowing I may have potentially impact others health.

I've since set up here in my home apartment to continue working on the Mini Gold Hearts, along with all my other orders too so that I can ensure nothing comes to a complete halt. My local couriers are still able to collect from me on designated days from my apartment and this will continue to happen unless something else changes with precaution measures outlined by our government.

With the limited space I do have here, I've been creating in smaller batches, and then hand painting the hearts to ensure every piece is still made with love and care, to emphasise what they ultimately symbolise and can be displayed proudly in all our homes. I've also got a very creative family member assisting from their own home to help accommodate the back orders and arranging those to all be wrapped and packed for delivery too ASAP, which is just so amazing and I'm thankful to Lauren for helping me catch up.

Your understanding during such unprecedented times is ultimately what I'm so grateful for right now, it's been an incredibly difficult time for us all to adjust and process, knowing what is happening and what used to be a 'normal' flow of life, to just be turned on it's head has been hard to swallow.

Please be rest assured however all your orders will be supplied in full, and once your parcel has been packed and booked with a courier, you will receive an email to update you along with a tracking number/link to track your parcels online. Understand that most couriers are now 'safe-dropping' to avoid 1-on-1 contact to reduce the spread of COVID-19, so it's important that you keep an eye on your tracking once you get that email to ensure a smooth hand-off.

In short, all the golden hearts are coming through ASAP, all still made with love and will be in your homes real soon. Thanks again so much for your patience.

Stay safe and much love to you all!
Aaron x