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Studio Notice | New Orders & Pending Deliveries

Hello there!

Firstly, most importantly, as an independent artist and small business owner, you are so appreciated and I value all the support of my wonderful customers.

My humble little art studio will be closed inclusively between:
Thursday 13th February - Friday 06th March 2020.

** Processing Date: 09/03/2020 **
Please note, any new orders received during this period will not be processed until Monday 09th March 2020. Any stock items will be able to be packaged and sent promptly after. Hand made art items will be added to my current production schedules for creating. If you have a question prior to ordering, please send a message so I can provide you the best advice possible.

** Top Priority! Resuming Date: 06/03/2020 **
You should have received an email from me addressing your pending order, and I'm really grateful for your patience and understanding. Rest assured you are a top priority and as outlined in my message to you, your order will be with you asap! My two hands will be rested and working overtime when I'm back to the studio.

** ASAP (Batching) Resuming Date: 16/03/2020 **
Any orders that supported the little 'Heart of Gold' initiative are in varying areas of processing, from awaiting creation, already hand cast, or in the hand painted/drying phase. I had an extremely overwhelming response to the cause, and there are 100's of the little hearts for one person/two hands to create all individually. A majority of you have already expressed that you are happy to await your little golden hearts, so thank you so much for being so beautiful toward me while I work through getting these made as quickly as humanly possible.

Thank you very much for your orders and patience during this time while I take a little time out to recharge and reflect. I'm really looking forward to returning with a fresh and energetic mind! 💗Aaron x