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Kush | Boy Smells Candle

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// C A N D L E - C O L L E C T I O N \\

Take your senses to new levels! Hand-poured in California, these unique fragrances are designed to become the focus of any room! Full bodied scents blended on coconut oil & beeswax.

Kush - Fragrance:

This scent is green, bright and has the perfect wisp of delicate floral.

As the cannabis flowers and brushed suede warm up, the amber accord ground this intoxicating scent.

Cannabis, Suede, White Musk, Tulip and Amber are all revealed on the burn, creating this perennial favourite. 

Burn Time: 55+ Hours (Approx)
Size: 8.8oz/249g
Packaging: Embossed Pink Box. 

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