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Holiday Pomander Balls

Written by Aaron Darcy


Posted on December 22 2019

These sweet and spicy natural holiday decorations are 100% biodegradable, easy to create and smell just heavenly!

Here's what you will need:

  • Firm Orange (one per ball).
  • Natural Cloves (available from spice aisle in supermarkets).
  • Toothpicks.
  • Sharpie or Marker Pen.
  • Jute Twine/Ribbon.
  • Cutting Blade/Knife.
  • Tea light Candles.
  • Cinnamon & Allspice (available from spice aisle in supermarkets).
  • Paper Towel for cleanup.



How to make Orange & Clove Pomander Balls:

  • Select a number of firm oranges to use for your project.
  • Use a Sharpie pen to dot your pattern beforehand, be creative and arrange the cloves in patterns. As the orange dries, it will release a delicate, spicy fragrance.
  • Use a toothpick to make pre-made holes where you marked with the pen; this helps to push the cloves in to the oranges.
  • Gently push your cloves in to the holes created with the toothpick, pushing the pointed end in to the orange.
  • For a stronger aroma, cover the entire orange with cloves, and then roll it in a mixture of spices such as cinnamon & allspice.
  • To create a tea light candle version, mark around a tea light casing on the top of the orange and then carefully cut a hole in to the top of the orange using a blade or knife. Take special care to remove the cut part of the orange and then remove the flesh deep enough to firmly hold a tea light candle. Select oranges with a flat bottom to ensure they stand upright. (Remember: Never leave burning candles unattended).
  • To create a hanging pomander, use twine or ribbon to create a tie and suspend the orange for use as a scented decoration.




Some ideas for your Pomander Balls:

  • Create a fragrant centrepiece for your festive table, particularly the candle styles.
  • Give to friends and family in a cloth bag with a decorative ribbon.
  • Use smaller oranges to create a fragrant ornament for the Christmas tree. 





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