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Hendrix Water Culture Vase


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// H O M E - C O L L E C T I O N \\

Individually hand-made Hendrix Water Culture Vase decoration. Watch your own plants grow using water propagation or as a flower bud vase. Available in a variety of options.
Please note: The timber element will differ slightly piece-to-piece due to the natural grain, patina/finish etc. Some simple assembly is also required.

Single Bulb: 10 x 13.5cm (Approx)
Double Bulb A: 10 x 13.5cm (Approx)
Double Bulb B: 10 x 19cm (Approx)

Medium: Glass, Wood. 
Finish: Warm Brown Timber.

Delivery Disclaimer: This product is shipped directly from one of our supply partners, please allow up to 10-21 working days for delivery.

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